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The weather data presented here come from amateur collectors, one in Brobury who has recorded rainfall amounts once a day, but over many years, and the other in Bredwardine with an electronic weather station that records a wide variety of variables very frequently day and night. The River Level data are courtesy of the Environment Agency.

e links below connect to Adobe Acrobat pdf files; press "Back" on the Acrobat Screen to return here:

Bredwardine Weather Report October 2018 (Correct version for "Link" magazine, December 2018)

Monthly Rainfall Table, 1986-2017, Brobury Farms

Scatter Plot of Rainfall per Month, 1986-2017, Brobury Farms

Monthly Temperature Table, 2004-2017, Whitehouse, Bredwardine

Monthly Wind Table, 2004-2017, Whitehouse, Bredwardine

Monthly Rain Table, 2004-2017, Whitehouse, Bredwardine

Monthly River Level records at Bredwardine Bridge, 1988-2012


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Last updated: December 5, 2018