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Pentre House Megalith

This large stone has been identified by two professional archeologists as a megalith. Professor Nash said emphatically that it was Bronze Age (2500-700 BC).

Ralph first noticed a flat stone buried in a bank at the bottom of his garden 3 years ago. He explored the area with a spade and uncovered a stone over 10 feet long, obviously shaped by man, which he therefore thought to be a megalith.

He is happy for it to be viewed and photographed by any interested party. Please contact Ralph on 01981 500 477 to arrange a date and time.

The megalith has been "officially documented" in digital format. Just click here to see for yourself.


To view other sites in the Bredwardine and Brobury area, please check out our Out and About page. Also you might be interested in comparing this megalith with Arthur's Stone.


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Last updated: September 22, 2006