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Wyeside Group Computer Training Course
One-off session 29 July 2019 "Photos and Smartphones"
Moccas Village Hall 6-9pm See Poster


Elections 2019:
Golden Valley Notice of Poll -Thursday 2nd May 2019 Click Here

Notice of Election (Wards) Click here. For details of Uncontested Results for each parish, click village: Blakemere, Bredwardine, Moccas, Preston on Wye, Tyberton

Forthcoming Meetings/Recent News/Vacancies/Annual Audit/Accounting Papers click here

Neighbourhood Development Plans click here

Parish Council Minutes click here


Wyeside Group Parish Council Policies

General Data Protection Regulations and Policies, May 2018:

GDPR - Privacy, click here; GDPR - Protection, click here; GDPR - Retention, click here; GDPR - Safeguarding, click here.

Other Policies:

Complaints, click here;
Finance, click here;
Transparency, click here.


The Parishes - Background Information

Bredwardine and Brobury are two distinct parishes, separated by the River Wye, and belong to different Group Parish Councils and Electoral Wards (see map below nearer bottom of page). They are, however, both under the Herefordshire Council and declarations of interests by councillors can be seen via the following link to the council website:



Bredwardine is part of the Wyeside Group Parish Council (WGPC) which also includes Moccas, Preston, Blakemere and Tyberton. The Group is part of the Golden Valley North Ward.

Current Bredwardine Councillors are:

John Darbyshire 01981 500711

John Hughes 01981 500468

Hamish Light 07508 076999

Clerk to Wyeside GPC: Alison Wright 01981 250860

Wyeside Group meetings are open to all and are held on the first Wednesday in the month, except for January and August, when there is normally no meeting. The venue rotates amongst the villages depending on hall availability, which is currently restricted to Moccas and Preston-on-Wye. Each parish has its own independent AGM.

Brobury with Monnington-on-Wye is one of the Staunton-on-Wye and District Group Parish Councils, in the Castle Ward.

The Brobury representative is Nigel Sellar 01981 500281

Clerk to Staunton-on-Wye and District GPC: G H Valentine 01544 327535

Past and Current Activities: The respective Clerks hold minutes of past meetings, and information of current developments, including planning applications and the like. At the moment, attention in the Group Parishes is focussed on the request from government for the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan for each parish, to guide development.

Neighbourhood Development Plans

Approved Neighbourhood Plans are to be used alongside Herefordshire's Core Stategy to determine planning applications in the County. Parish Councils have been asked to produce Neighbourhood Plans once they have carried out extensive consultations with residents and statutory bodies. Information on the process can be found on the Herefordshire Council website in the section on 'Neighbourhood areas and plans':


Because Bredwardine and Brobury are in different parishes they have been involved in different Plans, and these are at different stages.

The Staunton-on-Wye and District Group Plan which includes Brobury was approved in the referendum on Thursday 14th April 2016. Copies of the Group Neighbourhood Plan can be found online on the Council website, and on the Staunton website:


Wyeside Group Neighbourhood Plan (Blakemere, Bredwardine, Moccas, Preston-on-Wye and Tyberton)

Wyeside Group Parishes Neighbourhood Plan Development

Results of the Referendum click here


The Wyeside Neighbourhood Development Plan Community Referendum took place on Thursday 13 September 2018 at Moccas Village Hall between 7-00am and 10-00pm. The plan has been designed to provide a set of interrelated community and rural benefits that are summarised below:

·     Supports local employment opportunities and affordable housing where a local need is identified.
·     Development site(s) neutral, that means no potential development sites in the plan.
·     Development to be small scale and appropriate to the rural character of Wyeside with continuation of the low-density dispersed settlement pattern.
·     Promotes “best practice” village design using organic clusters built off new access lanes with pedestrian pathways/links to the rest of the village, to provide physical links that aid community integration and avoid the use of “dead- end” cul-de-sacs.
·     Protects views, the River Wye, and ensures that new development enhances our rural landscape character, thereby reducing the risk of a suburban feel to our villages.
·     Protects traditional orchards.
·     The two orchards either side of Bredwardine church become “Local Green Spaces” that are protected from development and to provide recreational access.


Question and Answer Sessions for residents to seek clarification on any matters were held on:


§  Monday 3rd September at the Moccas Village Hall from 7.30 to 9.00 pm
§  Monday 10th September at the Preston on Wye Village Hall from 7.30 to 9.00 pm
§  Tuesday 11th September at the Bredwardine Village Hall from 7.30 to 9.00 pm.

 50% of those voting ‘plus 1 vote’ is required for the plan to become part of the statutory law governing planning and development in Wyeside. No lobbying for a particular outcome will be allowed in these sessions as they are required to be vote neutral.

Wyeside Neighbourhood Development Plan, July 2018

The Approved Wyeside Neighbourhood Plan, July 2018 which incorporates all of the Examiner’s recommendations is attached (click here)

The Examiner’s independent report, June 2018 is attached (click here)

For the Wyeside Neighbourhood Plan, July 2018 -Quick Reference Guide, Policies and Objectives click here





Map of the location of the Bredwardine and Brobury Parishes

Map of Bredwardine and Brobury parishes



Forthcoming Parish Council Meetings

Wyeside Group meetings are open to all and are held on the first Wednesday in the month, except for January and August, when there is normally no meeting. The venue rotates amongst the villages depending on hall availability, which is currently restricted to Moccas and Preston-on-Wye. Each parish has its own independent AGM.


Accounting Papers 2018-2019
Click on individual files to open:

WGOCElectorsrights2018-2019.pdf, WGPCAccStatement2018-2019.pdf, WGPCAGAR2018-2019.pdf, WGPCAnnGovStatement2018-2019.pdf, WGPCBankRec2018-2019.pdf, WGPCIntAuditStatement2018-2019.pdf, WGPCVariances2018-2019.pdf

Accounting Papers 2017-2018
Click on individual files to open:

WGPublish17-18.pdf; WGVariances17-18.pdf; WGPublicRts17-18.pdf; WGIntAudit17-18.pdf
WGGovState17-18.pdf; WGExempCert17-18.pdf; WGBankRec17-18.pdf; WGAccState17-18.pdf

Annual Audit 2016 click here

Neighbourhood Plan Development Steering Group

A public meeting was held on Wednesday 10th Sept 2014 to prioritise issues raised by residents for inclusion in the questionnaire, and to agree a community plan of action. Click here for more background. There was a follow-up meeting on September 17th of the Steering Group and anyone else interested in helping to assemble the questionnaire. Moccas Village Hall, 7.30 pm.

Questionnaire to be issued - Sept/Oct 2014


A meeting of the Group was held on the 26 th March 2014 at 7.30pm in the Moccas Village Hall. There were further meetings and presentations at the Moccas Fete (28 June), Preston-on-Wye Fete (5 July), Tyberton Barbecue (18 July) and Bredwardine Fete (2 Aug 2014).

Following open meetings, the Neighbourhood Plan Development Steering Group has been formed with members of the public and Parish Council involved. The aim is to research local development need and produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the group of villages, Blakemere, Bredwardine, Moccas, Tyberton and Preston on Wye. Members of the Group will be contacting local organisations, producing a questionnaire and arranging meetings to help gather local opinion so that everyone’s ideas and feedback can be considered. This is a plan for the future of all of the members of the community and everyone is very welcome to join in and participate in whatever way they feel able to do so.

Thank you all very much indeed.

Alison Wright (Parish Clerk) 01981 250860


Regular Meetings: The Wyeside Group Parish Council hold their meetings on the first Wednesday of the month; January and August have no meetings.


If you are interested, please contact the Parish Clerk, Alison Wright, on 01981 250860.

Past Meetings:

Wyeside Group Parish Council Minutes

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July 2019

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Bredwardine Section AGM Minutes 2011

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November 2010

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February 2010

Bredwardine sub-group

2010 Bredwardine Parish Council AGM held Monday, 10 May in the Bredwardine Village Hall.

2009 Bredwardine Parish Council AGM held Monday 11th May in the Bredwardine Village Hall.

2008 Bredwardine Parish Council AGM held Monday, 12th May in the Bredwardine Village Hall.

Parish Plan Cheese and Wine Evening The Parish Plan Steering Group held an evening in the Village Hall on Friday 16th November 2008 . Discussion focused on development of our Bredwardine Parish Plan. As a result of the response to the Parish Questionnaire, the Steering Group have condensed the results and grouped them into categories, which now need to be categorised. The evening proved to be a socially rewarding one as well as a constructive one! Progress was made on the Parish Plan. Plus everyone had a chance to find out about what goes on in the Village - a lot more than many people realise!

The Parish Plan Steering Group met at Bredwardine Village Hall at 8pm Tuesday 24th July 2007

Highways issues for Parish of Bredwardine - councillors and members of the public met Tracey Jones / Ray Wallace of Hereford Council Highways Section for discussions at Bredwardine Bridge in the afternoon of Friday 13th July 2007. Concerns were expressed about local dangers - the need for speed limits, improved warning signs for the bridge with more frequent hedge cutting at the signs, and enforcement of parking restrictions. Also, wider afield, the possibility of double lines on the A438 at the T-junction with Tin Hill was raised but it was said that the Highways Agency would be unlikely to agree on the grounds that visibility was sufficiently extensive to allow overtaking. What ever happened to not overtaking at road junctions?

The Bredwardine Parish Plan Steering Group met on Tuesday July 3 2007 in the Village Hall to consider the next stage in producing a plan for the village. Our Plan is to be put together with Plans from the other four villages to form the Wyeside Group Parish Plan. The Steering Group agreed the next step would be to condense the results of the Bredwardine questionnaire, grouping the ideas into categories and attempting to prioritise them. An open meeting in the autumn will be arranged to ask for further prioritisation, discussion and ideas. This will enable us to draw up a 'wish list' for the village and a set of guidelines or aspirations for the future, which will provide the basis for our Parish Plan. A Parish Plan is not a definitive document but can and should be reviewed and revised at intervals to reflect changing circumstances.

The Bredwardine Parish AGM/Parish Plan Evening was held on Monday May 14th 2007, at Bredwardine Village Hall. Twenty-six people attended and discussions ranged widely including speeding, speed limits and road signing especially at Bredwardine Bridge, road drainage and maintenance, the bus shelter, recycling, and an alternative village meeting place, amongst other topics.
An overview was given of the answers received to the Parish Plan questionnaire and this raised more questions, including how to proceed with development of the Bredwardine segment of the Plan. Several villagers volunteered to form a Bredwardine steering group that will continue analysis of the views expressed by those replying to the questionnaire, and go deeper where necessary.


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