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2015 Newly painted exterior
Village hall, outside view
And inside, a Summer Tea Party



The Village Hall was moved from a previous location in Wales where it was used as a canteen for construction workers building the dams, and brought to the existing location behind the Red Lion Hotel in the 1940s. In 2015 challenging steps leading to the village hall were replaced by a driveable access making it much easier to use for anyone who cannot walk the steep incline and also easier to unload deliveries at the hall. The accommodation and facilities are basic, but it has been used for a variety of purposes including village meetings, lectures, dances, keep-fit, tai chi, funeral teas, parties, school leadership courses etc. There is a rudimentary stage. The Hall is on Welsh Water. The kitchen has a tea urn, microwave, electric cooker, refrigerator/ freezer, electric kettles, crockery, cutlery and glasses. The capacity is approximately 120 standing, while there is seating and tables for about 60 persons. Tables, chairs, crockery and cutlery can be hired for outside functions.




Bredwardine & Brobury Monthly Market:
Our Monthly Market will be held on Friday the 10th of November from 10 am until noon, in the Bredwardine & Brobury Village Hall. Always more social than market, but there is nothing wrong with that!  This month you may find local fruit and veg, pillows, aprons and other soft furnishings.  Harry is selling the Stewart walnuts, which are delicious and easy to crack with your hands.  Homemade cards featuring birds, flowers and wildlife, for all occasions.  Rose and Jon's table offer jewellry, key fobs and more.  Alison's delicious cakes plus fresh eggs will be offer. A bit of everything.  Best deal going is the fresh, local beef and lamb, both lupin-fed, from the Great Meat Box at Allensmore, all for purchase.  The Fairtrade cafetiere coffee and tea still costs only 80p a cup.  Home baked cakes for consumption.  Just the ticket with a good chat.  £1 fee to sellers for a table. No need to book in advance, but if you would like a table in a certain location, please turn up by 9 am when the Village Hall opens on the day.  Everyone is welcome!!  If you have a query, please contact Sarah on 01981 500 155 or Philip on 01981 500 398.

Many thanks to those who now regularly donate to the Hereford Food Bank at our monthly markets in the Village Hall.  It is a worthy cause.  Gwynneth and Bill take our donations to Hereford.  Just a reminder that the Food Bank needs tins of meat, tins of vegetables, tins of rice pudding, pasta, rice, custard, dried milk, sugar, bathroom necessities and pet foods.  All non-perishable. If you would like to help Gwynneth transport the groceries to Hereford, please contact her on 01981 500 606.  Thank you in advance!


Meet the Neighbours, Saturday, 11th November, 6.30 - 8.30pm
This will be a great opportunity to meet your neighbours who have just moved here and those who have resided here "forever". Everyone is invited!! Bring a bottle.  Food will be provided.  Entertainment by local folk band, Piss Poor Paul and the Latrines. For more details contact Sarah Morgan on 01981 500 155.


VH Work Day, Friday, 17th November 10am-noon
Oh so loved!  It is amazing what "we six" accomplished in two hours.  Nettles were strimmed, daffodil bulbs were planted along the length of the disabled access, the flower garden was weeded and organic compost spread on top and then we ate cake.

Next opportunity to join us will be on Friday, 17th November to spread some fresh scalpings on the disabled access.  More weeding, strimming, edging and general tidy up.  Big pieces of cake and coffee or tea must be consumed on the day!  Please stop by to help if you are so inclined.  Bring along any gardening equipment that you think might be handy.  For more details please contact Sarah on 01981 500 155.


Table Tennis on Tuesday Evening, 6pm start until 8pm, in the Village Hall.  It is a lot of fun and a bit of exercise too with an early start for a school or work night.  So why not come along and make it worthwhile for Andrew to set up the tables. Cost:  £1 for the evening, still a bargain!  For questions please call Andrew on 01981 501 024.  If Tuesday evening does not work for you, please let us know when would be a better time and possibly we could have Table Tennis on another day and earlier in the day.


2017 Heartstart Training has now been scheduled for Thursday, 12th October, from 7pm-9pm in the Bredwardine and Brobury Village Hall.

Would you know what to do if your loved one suffered a life threatening emergency? If not, book a place now at our FREE Two hour HEARTSTART Course. Booking is essential. You will learn how to: call for help, assist someone who is unconscious, recognise the warning signs of a heart attack, deal with choking or serious bleeding and perform CPR. Simple skills, save lives.

Herefordshire Heartstart is affiliated to the British Heart Foundation, but as a local initiative we do not receive any funding from them, nor the government for our scheme. We rely on donations and grants to keep this vital service running.  www.herefordshireheartstart.org Twitter @HeartStart_HFD

Herefordshire Heartstart Registered charity number 1082309.

Just a reminder that there is no charge to attend this two hour class. Donations are appreciated to offset training costs. Booking is essential. Please contact Heloise on 01981 500 160. Hope you can attend !


Market Dates for 2017, always the second Friday of each month

10th November
8th December




Bookings in the VH:  Throughout the month of November, our village hall is being used Monday mornings for Tai Chi.  To book for this activity please call 01981 500 113. Tuesday nights from 6 pm to 8 pm, for those who would like to have a game or two of table tennis.  Just a reminder that the VH has two tables allowing up to eight people to play doubles at the same time.  It really is a good time - Paul and Harry will attest to that! For more details concerning the table tennis, please contact Andrew on 01981 501 024 or Sarah on 01981 500 155.  Wednesday mornings feature Belly Dance classes. To book please call 01981 500 113.  Wednesday evenings 7-9 pm the Tai Chi group use the hall for their class.  Friday afternoons from 1-4 pm the Artists Group meet for an informal, drop-in session to draw, paint and talk about art. Our monthly market will be held on Friday, November 10th from 10 am to noon.  Meet the Neighbours will happen on Saturday, 11th November @ 6.30 pm.  Another busy month!

If you would like to book the village hall for any occasion, please call Sarah Morgan on 01981 500155 or email.  Rental costs low due to the fact that when people book the hall, they tidy up afterwards, keeping the expense of monthly cleaning low.


Our Annual General Meeting for the Bredwardine & Brobury Village Hall Committee was held on Monday, 22nd May. I am pleased to report that we have a "full" compliment of committee members and officers.  Our Committee is having so much fun that everyone decided to serve for another year, as follows: :  

Sarah Morgan (Chair and Booking Secretary), Andrew Head (Secretary), Dave Morgan (Treasurer), Philip Bauer, Heloise Kirby, Graham Middleton, Jan Staley, Doreen Strang, Sandy Strang, Cathy Widdicombe. Wendy Middleton will continue to serve as (Parochial Church Council Representative) on the VHC and Dennis Price as (Parish Council Representative).  

Many thanks to all who serve on the Committee!



Improved Drive-able Access Project  for the Bredwardine and Brobury Village Hall: Did I mention last month that we have a drive-able access to the village hall?  Isn't it just great?  The drive and turning area is proving to be exactly what we needed for everyone whether dropping someone or something off at the hall. Many, many thanks again to Paul, Richie and Panda who worked to our budget and completed the drive in a very timely manner!  And of course, without Michael Taylor's generosity in allowing us turning access this would not have happened.  Many thanks, Mr and Mrs Taylor!  As I mentioned earlier in this month's news, we completed the project with no additional funding. This was mainly possible due to the annual revenue from our photo voltaic solar panels which we installed in December 2009 thanks to the insight of Patrick Dyke.  In addition, we did have two anonymous donations towards the drive-able access from families who wish to remain nameless, which kept us in the black.  Thank you!  For 2016, the Village Hall Committee needs your support at our events. One last reminder. The turning area at the top of the access to the VH is a bit tight.  So please take care when reversing.

Bredwardine and Brobury Village Hall Committee applied for and received an 'Awards for All' grant totalling £7,487, to refurbish our village hall kitchen. The Committee organised a Kitchen Sub-committee to run the project, who in turn accepted bids from local builders to install the new components. As part of the grant application, the Village Hall Committee agreed to contribute £1,000 of our own money to the project.

Due to the age of our vintage 1939 structure, additional costs were discovered during the course of the project. Our Sub-committee approached the Wyeside Parish Council, asking for an additional £700, which they generously granted.

Electricity was brought up to code to support the new appliances. Ceiling and walls were painted prior to installing the new vinyl floor. Old kitchen "bits and pieces" were sold or given away in an effort to recycle and reuse. Installation started the third week of August and now Bredwardine and Brobury Village Hall is the proud "owner" of an "award winning" kitchen!

A big thank you to Awards for All for the generous grant to install our completely modern kitchen. Many thanks to Wyeside Parish Council for contributing additional funds to cover unforeseen costs. Without both funding sponsors, our Bredwardine & Brobury Village Hall funds could not have covered the project. Many hours of sweat equity from a few VHC members made it possible to serve tea and cakes for our September Market using the new facilities. Eileen and Peter Elderton officially opened the kitchen. A great time was had by all. Two lovely ladies who lived in Bredwardine many years ago came along on the day to help us celebrate. Ah, memories! Thank you to everyone for your support. Now, photos of the project, click here

For more information about available A4A grants, please follow this link http://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/




The VHC applied for financial assistance from BRE, Building Research Establishment, to install eighteen photovoltaic panels on the south side of the hall roof. We were granted funding from the Community Sustainable Energy Programme and BERR, Low Carbon's Building Programme-Phase 2.

Current progress:

  • Simply amazing!  As of December 4th, 2013 our solar photovoltaic panels have been producing for four years.  Where did that time go!  They continue to generate over £1,400 revenue for the village hall each year.  If you have any suggestions as to how our village hall committee could spend this money for the benefit of the village, please contact me.  Many thanks, Sarah

  • One year later we are still celebrating!  Not only are we an accredited FIT Generating Site, but our payments are indexed-linked! On Friday, 8th April 2011 at our Friday Monthly Market, we toasted Good Energy for buying our electricity and Greenearth Energy, Ltd for installing our Solar PV Panels.  The sun shone brilliantly during our celebration.  Inside the Village Hall, everyone enjoyed tea, cake and Buck's Fizz compliments of our new found source of income.  What a great day!  Thank you to all who supported us

  • Feed-in Tariff Accreditation
    It was a long, drawn out process but our eighteen Solar Photovoltaic Panels on the Bredwardine & Brobury Village Hall have now officially been approved for Feed-in Tariff payment, meaning that we will now be paid for the electricity we are generating. 

    In April 2010, the UK Goverment changed the payment scheme and all generation stations were required to reapply for FIT Accreditation to determine payment.  On Tuesday (22/2/11) Good Energy was allowed to pay us for solar energy generated between 1/4/10 through 12/12/10.  All of our anxiety, frustration and patience has paid off.  Every six months we will continue to be paid for electricity generated.  We are doing our bit generating energy for the national grid AND being generously rewarded for it!

  • Herefordshire Planning registered the project on 4/11/09,
    posted the planning notice at the village hall and
    took photographs of the existing village hall
    plus sent out notices to neighbouring residents promptly before approving our project.

  • Greenearth Energy installed the panels in just three days despite the rain and snow, starting 1 December 2009

  • Good Energy contracted to buy our surplus electricity

    Life is good being "green"!

Fit Payment Celebration

FIT Payment Celebration

As of 12/10/17:
Total Units Generated
26859  kWh
CO₂ Saved 11549kg

To view the project in photos, please click here

Contact Sarah for more details
01981 500155 or email






August Bank Holiday Monday BBQ, 28th August
The weather makes all the difference.  This is the second year in a row that the sun shone all day.  It was brilliant! We sold out of drinks, which is always a good sign plus there were only 9 sausages and 13 beef burgers left.  The salmon fillets and sea bass were delicious and "disappeared" in no time.  Although the purpose of the BBQ is to be a social event for the village, we made a tidy profit of £670, all proceeds to the Village Hall.   Many, many thanks to all who helped prepare, set up, take down, serve and cook for our event.  It takes a village to run a successful BBQ.


Eileen's Celebration Visit
On Saturday, 6th May 2017, Eileen travelled to Bredwardine to visit. Some of her friends organised a Bring and Share Party for her at the Village Hall. A good time was had by all! The photos say it all.


Diamond Jubilee Celebration : June 3rd and 4th, 2012
The rains stopped, the sun shone and life was perfect on Bredwardine Hill, for the Diamond Jubilee picnic and beacon last Monday. Many thanks to the Bowen family for allowing us to have the village festivities in their fields. Special thanks to Clive for building the perfect pyre and transporting chairs to the "hill top".


Coffee, Cafe and Produce Market with an Alternative Energy Boost !!
Our October 15th, 2010 market with an "alternative energy boost" was brilliant!  As part of h.Energy Awareness Week our market focused on local sustainable projects including our 18 solar photovoltaic panels.  The tea and cakes were yummy as always.  There was plenty of produce, cheese, firewood and crafts to satisfy shopping needs.  Thank you to everyone who participated and attended.  Unofficial count on the door totalled 55.  Special thanks to Ali and Kate from h.Energy who organised this successful week of event!

Our little 1939, timber-clad village hall was nearly bursting at the seams with all of the "energy" generated by alternative energy discussions. 

tim judy hall


Special Celebration!
Our new photovoltaic panels are up and running, so it was time to celebrate our achievement!  Forty-five villagers, neighbours and friends turned out on Friday, 9th April to toast Greenearth Energy, Ltd, who installed our panels.  Greenearth Energy answered questions and the Hereford Times photographed the event.  If that was not enough, we held our first Coffee, Cakes and Produce Market of 2010.  The sun shone making our solar panels work overtime.




The 70th "Birthday" Celebration of the Bredwardine & Brobury Village Hall: May 9th, 2009

Bredwardine and Brobury Village Hall marked the 70th Anniversary of its original opening last Saturday, 9th May with a day of activities for the whole community. The effort was well worth it!


Teas were served in the afternoon when visitors were able to look at a display about the Hall which included details of its history along with photographs and memorabilia from the whole period from 1939 to 2009. In the adjacent field there were activities for the children who enjoyed them enthusiastically.

kidzone tea&cakes








During the afternoon the recently refurbished toilets, with a new ‘disabled’ cubicle, were formally opened by local resident David Hughes. A Big Thank You to "Awards for All" for their grant! 



photos A photo competition showing current villagers during their early years was the focus of much interest and amusement, and some incredulity when the results were revealed during the evening.


True to tradition a dance was held in the evening, with the "Gentlemen of Jive" providing the excellent music, which was very well attended, and much enjoyed by the large and very lively number of people, of all ages, bringing to a close a wonderful day of celebration which was a tribute to the affection in which so many hold this venerable building! Although not a profit making celebration, close to £400 was raised for village hall funds.  wi

Previous to the celebration day a dedicated band of helpers painted and decorated the Hall ready for the day, and organised the event. It was wonderful to see so many people attending, especially those, now living elsewhere, who returned to the Village Hall bringing their memories with them, and greatly adding to the happy atmosphere of the whole day. Thank you to one and all who helped make the celebration a great success!




The hall is a registered Charity Number 1041618.


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