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OTHER ACTIVITIES: Archaeology, Art, Botany, Bird-watching, History, Mycology, Natural History, Photography, Tai Chi.


The sections of the River Wye above and below Bredwardine Bridge are renowned for game and coarse fishing. The Red Lion Hotel has the extensive Moccas Fishery. Brobury House has its own smaller section. And there are several other noted fisheries nearby including lake fisheries.

Wye Salmon

Salmon numbers peaked in the 1960s, and some very large fish were landed (up to 60lbs). Measures to stem the subsequent decline have been in operation for more than 10 years, including improvement of the spawning grounds and the private buying-off of the Estuary Drift nets. Current rod catches for the Wye range from about 500 to 1000 salmon per year. Sea trout and brown trout are also present, as are grayling and shad.

Wye Barbel Barbel fishing is now particularly popular in this part of the Wye Valley, with double figure fish regularly caught (and returned). Other species include chub, pike, roach, dace, perch, gudgeon, and bleak. Lake fishing adds carp and tench. Bredwardine had its own fish ponds in the medieval period, dry now but still in evidence near to the castle mound.



The Wye is a beautiful river for canoeing, with splendid changing scenery and wildlife including ravens and buzzards, herons, kingfishers, peregrines and otters (and less welcome in the fisheries, mink, cormorants and mergansers). Canoes, canadian or kayaks with all the gear, can be hired from Glasbury and Hay-on-Wye for a few hours, a day or for longer canoeing/camping trips. Under summer conditions it is a family river with a few small rapids, but beginners are recommended not to attempt more than 10-15 miles per day. As an indication, Hay to Bredwardine is about 8 miles by road, but about 14 miles by river. Please respect the fishermen's space, and share the peace that they come to the Wye to enjoy......

Shooting the rapids
........though the odd yelp is in order!



Monnington Scar View from the Knapp Moccas Oaks

The area around Bredwardine and Brobury is criss-crossed by footpaths which give varied and often stunning views. Some of the paths are relatively well-known as part of long-distance routes, ancient and modern, and others are local, and less-well trodden (and can be a bit overgrown in the summer!). The official routes that cross Bredwardine Bridge include The Wye Valley Walk, Vaughan's Way, and the Three Rivers Ride (British Horse Society). The course of Offa's Dyke runs several miles to the east, while the modern route of the Offa's Dyke Long-Distance Path is several miles to the west, following the England-Wales Border over the Cat's Back to Hay-on-Wye. And what a range of beautiful country that displacement encompasses!

The Rev. Francis Kilvert captured some of the magic of walking in the immediate area in his diary written 130 years ago, and we are fortunate that much remains unchanged. But saying that, do be careful on the busier rural roads; "walk to the corners" is good advice. That is, choose the side where you have the better visibility - being on the same side as on-coming traffic isn't always a good idea. But most roads are very quiet, and getting away from roads is not at all difficult around Bredwardine and Brobury, and if you head for the Black Mountains, or the Brecon Beacons, the roads become difficult to find.

There are many walking guides to the area, and to wider Herefordshire, detailing routes ranging from easy strolls with appropriate pub stops, to long distance achievements (see links and resources).


Tai Chi
A group meets each Wednesday evening in Bredwardine Village Hall - contact Neil Robinson on 01981 500 113.


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